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Software development according to customer requirements


An individual software solution provides exactly those functions that are actually and precisely required in this form in your company processes. This will support your business processes in line with your demands. You achieve a high level of benefit with individual software and can fully exploit the potential of your existing system environment. You benefit from a consistent solution with the optimal handling of your individual business processes.

The successful implementation of an individual software project depends largely on an analysis of the requirements and a well-functioning project management. We support you in visualizing your ideas and create a professional and technical analysis of the desired one with you solution. With a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the software is visible from the start. The modular expansion leads to a consistent and functioning software solution.

To implement the project, we rely on agile software development with Scrum as a project and procedure model. This enables us to achieve the transparency our projects require, the regular review of the results and an iterative adaptation of the developed software elements.

BIConcepts also accompanies you during the introduction and go-live of the solution and supports you with education and training in the use and administration of the software.


our software solution for the administration and billing of ancillary copyrights


Performers and producers live out of love for the audience. But love doesn’t pay the bills. This is why the ancillary copyright companies in all countries on earth ensure that their members really receive all of the remuneration they deserve.

We help with our Apollon software solution. With Apollon, the new and efficient standard software solution that takes care of the optimal management of ancillary copyrights by the companies and covers all the needs of your producers and performers. Like the ancient Greek god of music, song and poetry, but more profitable and worldwide.