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BIConcepts module
“Sales Perfor­mance Management”

The optimal software solution for moni­to­ring and managing the effi­ci­ency of sales incen­tives in medium-sized and large companies. 

Rigid systems for incen­tives, compen­sa­tion calcu­la­tions and bonus plans, which are frequently mapped with MS Excel, can often not map the current requi­re­ments of active and targeted sales manage­ment using variable remu­ne­ra­tion models. In addition to the high time resources in the finance, control­ling, personnel or sales depart­ments, rigid solutions also require a high level of IT compe­tence for data delivery.

The intro­duc­tion of a dedicated and specia­lized sales and incentive compen­sa­tion solution is a promising approach to

  • close existing weaknesses
  • keep the data consistent
  • automate data handling
  • create invoices in an automated and auditable manner
  • introduce a workflow-controlled consul­ta­tion process and
  • trans­par­ently show employees their daily perfor­mance and target achie­ve­ment via dashboards.

BIConcepts uses the software product Varicent — the leading software for sales perfor­mance manage­ment solutions — to implement sales perfor­mance manage­ment projects.

Under the motto “Configure instead of programming”, we offer a graphical user interface with prede­fined functions and an extensive library. This means that changes can be carried out inde­pendently by the specia­list user and your company is able to react immedia­tely to changed market conditions.

Increase in potential

More time for sales activities

Increase in opera­tional efficiency

Less admi­nis­tra­tive effort

Avoidance of overpayments

Reduced compen­sa­tion expense

Advan­tages in
the processes

  • Increased sales moti­va­tion through timely payments
  • Complete trans­pa­rency about the use of funds enables faster reactions
  • More flexi­bi­lity in the design and imple­men­ta­tion of new compen­sa­tion plans and sales strategies

Advan­tages in

  • Addi­tional sales time by reducing “shadow book­kee­ping” for employees
  • Repla­ce­ment of high-main­ten­ance old appli­ca­tions or Excel sheets with a standard software solution without any programming effort
  • Struc­tural savings through more efficient workflow and automation
  • Conso­li­da­tion of various indi­vi­dual solutions in one application

Advan­tages in
Risk & Compliance

  • Complete docu­men­ta­tion and tracea­bi­lity of the plans and payments, so that audita­bi­lity is achieved
  • Avoid financial losses due to overpayments
  • Increased forecast quality through model calculations
  • Correct financial closing by deter­mi­ning the result during the month-end closing

BIConcepts supports you during the entire project: from the analysis of the requi­re­ments and feasi­bi­lity, the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP), the profes­sional and technical imple­men­ta­tion of the project as well as training and support.

Which Deploy­ment Is Right For You?

01 | On-premises

Instal­la­tion and operation of the solution in your company or your data center.

02 | Cloud environment

Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Varicent cloud envi­ron­ment: Licenses with all the advan­tages of SaaS licensing and operation by Varicent in the cloud environment.

We would be happy to advise you and look forward to it!