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BIConcepts module
“Sales Performance Management”

The optimal software solution for monitoring and managing the efficiency of sales incentives in medium-sized and large companies.

Rigid systems for incentives, compensation calculations and bonus plans, which are frequently mapped with MS Excel, can often not map the current requirements of active and targeted sales management using variable remuneration models. In addition to the high time resources in the finance, controlling, personnel or sales departments, rigid solutions also require a high level of IT competence for data delivery.

The introduction of a dedicated and specialized sales and incentive compensation solution is a promising approach to

  • close existing weaknesses
  • keep the data consistent
  • automate data handling
  • create invoices in an automated and auditable manner
  • introduce a workflow-controlled consultation process and
  • transparently show employees their daily performance and target achievement via dashboards.

BIConcepts uses the software product Varicent – the leading software for sales performance management solutions – to implement sales performance management projects.

Under the motto “Configure instead of programming”, we offer a graphical user interface with predefined functions and an extensive library. This means that changes can be carried out independently by the specialist user and your company is able to react immediately to changed market conditions.

Increase in potential

More time for sales activities

Increase in operational efficiency

Less administrative effort

Avoidance of overpayments

Reduced compensation expense

Advantages in
the processes

  • Increased sales motivation through timely payments
  • Complete transparency about the use of funds enables faster reactions
  • More flexibility in the design and implementation of new compensation plans and sales strategies

Advantages in

  • Additional sales time by reducing “shadow bookkeeping” for employees
  • Replacement of high-maintenance old applications or Excel sheets with a standard software solution without any programming effort
  • Structural savings through more efficient workflow and automation
  • Consolidation of various individual solutions in one application

Advantages in
Risk & Compliance

  • Complete documentation and traceability of the plans and payments, so that auditability is achieved
  • Avoid financial losses due to overpayments
  • Increased forecast quality through model calculations
  • Correct financial closing by determining the result during the month-end closing

BIConcepts supports you during the entire project: from the analysis of the requirements and feasibility, the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP), the professional and technical implementation of the project as well as training and support.

Which Deployment Is Right For You?

01 | On-premises

Installation and operation of the solution in your company or your data center.

02 | Cloud environment

Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Varicent cloud environment: Licenses with all the advantages of SaaS licensing and operation by Varicent in the cloud environment.

We would be happy to advise you and look forward to it!