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IBM Cognos Analytics as a compre­hen­sive reporting & analysis system


IBM Cognos Analytics is one of those tools that supports all the requi­re­ments of a modern BI and analysis system including arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) func­tio­n­a­lity. IBM Cognos Analytics provides built-in reporting, modelling and analysis, dash­boards, stories, and event manage­ment so you can better under­stand your company’s data and make effective business decisions.

Create a central and uniform platform

Acce­le­rate time to value with a single platform that inte­grates data manage­ment, data gover­nance and analytics. This increases effi­ci­ency and makes better use of your resources. With IBM Cognos Analytics, you can create reports based on rela­tional or dimen­sional data and share them within your company.
In addition, dash­boards and stories are provided to transfer your insights and analyses. You can assemble a view that includes visua­liz­a­tions such as a chart, graph, figure, table, map, or other graphical repre­sen­ta­tion of data.

Data virtua­liz­a­tion

Your business needs speed and scala­bi­lity for the data workloads of today and tomorrow. It must be possible to query data easily and securely from a variety of sources. IBM Cognos Analytics combines the proces­sing power of these sources to make queries much faster. You can use data modelling in IBM Cognos Analytics to combine many different data sources, such as: rela­tional databases, Hadoop-based tech­no­lo­gies, Microsoft Excel work­s­heets, text files and many others.

Uniform data services & data governance

Consis­tent manage­ment of data workflows is essential in a reporting & analysis system. This ensures that your data is of high quality in order to receive precise, auto­ma­ti­cally generated insights and to improve decision-making. Your data should also be acces­sible for AI processes or machine learning models so that you don’t have to do without modern methods of gaining knowledge.
IBM Cognos Analytics supports you in the automated reco­gni­tion and clas­si­fi­ca­tion of data, which can be expanded to include the masking of sensitive data and manage­ment of the entire data lifecycle. This enables you to react effi­ci­ently to changing regu­la­tions, be they internal or official ones.

Visua­liz­a­tions, dashboard & reports

IBM Cognos Analytics offers sophisti­cated visua­liz­a­tions that can be used inter­ac­tively and that often say more than a large number of existing reports. A dashboard provides important insights and analyses of your data on one or more pages and you can monitor events or acti­vi­ties at a glance. You can explore the data displayed in a visua­liz­a­tion by drilling up or down through columns and viewing the details of a data point.
Convin­cing reports that are auto­ma­ti­cally produced and distri­buted, used using AI recom­men­da­tions or overlaid with geos­pa­tial infor­ma­tion are part of this BI system. IBM Cognos Analytics offers one of the most modern and func­tional web-based reporting tools, making it easy and intuitive for users to create and distri­bute reports and analyses.

Intel­li­gent data modelling

IBM Cognos Analytics provides intel­li­gent data modelling with detection and sugges­tion capa­bi­li­ties to add tables to your data module. Intent-driven modelling suggests tables that you can include in the module and that could be of interest for your analyses. Specified terms or metadata are compared with data sources in order to find matches with the basic data sources and to provide suggestions.

Cloud and on-premise

Different types of provision, as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the public or private cloud, in hybrid envi­ron­ments or on-premise in your company, are required to set up a reporting and analysis envi­ron­ment that is future-proof. IBM Cognos Analytics supports all deploy­ment options and adapts to your requirements.

Which Deploy­ment Is Right For You?

01 | Try it for free

All functions of the IBM Cognos Analytics Cloud Edition in a free 30-day trial version.

02 | Cognos Analytics Express

IBM Cognos Analytics for work­groups and medium-sized companies in an on-premises envi­ron­ment. Inex­pen­sive, but still with all functions.

03 | Cloud edition

The entire range of functions from IBM Cognos Analytics as a Business Intel­li­gence on-demand solution at an attrac­tive entry-level price. Different selection of func­tio­n­a­lity in the variants Standard, Plus or Premium. Monthly billing based on the number of autho­rized users.

04 | Enter­prise Edition

IBM Cognos Analytics as a dedicated service in the cloud or operated on-premises in your own infrastructure.

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