IBM Cloud Pak for Data
All in one

With Cloud Pak for Data, IBM provides a software-centric architecture for data provision and data analysis and includes the necessary software in a joint package. In the cloud, this environment is ready for use in a very short time and there is no need to carry out any installations or create interfaces between the software used. With an intuitive dashboard, you can dynamically scale computing power, storage capacity and software with plug-and-play operations as required.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data supports all requirements that a modern and contemporary business intelligence system with cloud and AI functionality must meet today:

  • Eliminate data silos and link all data
  • Automation and control of the data and AI lifecycle
  • Trustworthy and transparent operationalization of AI
  • Avoidance of dependencies and agile execution regardless of location
  • The platform can be expanded with additional services at any time
  • Implementation of a complete private cloud system in a short time

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you create a fully integrated platform for data and artificial intelligence (AI) for your company, with which the collection, organization and analysis of data can be modernized and AI can be integrated into your entire company. The modern architecture, based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, offers full support for multi-cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Private Clouds.
By combining the IBM Watson AI technology with the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform, DataOps as well as governance and business analytics technologies, IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides one of the most modern information architectures for AI, which easily integrates analysis and applications so that innovation is significantly accelerated and meets the constantly changing requirements of your company.

Which Cloud Pak for Data Option is Right for You?

01 | Trial version of Cloud Pak for Data

7-day free trial of IBM Cloud Pak for Data on the IBM Cloud. No installation required and ready to use in no time.

02 | Flexible implementation

It is deployed in the system environment best suited to your business needs:
On-premises, in your private cloud or in other cloud environments such as IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Cost-saving with a license agreement for a fixed term.

We would be happy to advise you and look forward to it!