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Are you searching for relevant content, anomalies and connec­tions also in unst­ruc­tured data?

We offer you a ready-made,
intel­li­gent and evaluable data room.

That is
IC Investigation


Intel­li­gent Content Inves­ti­ga­tion ICI offers a ready-to-use, intel­li­gent and analy­tical data room for large, even unst­ruc­tured databases. ICI is used by other legal depart­ments, experts and lawyers. Again and again, they are faced with the great task of checking unma­na­ge­able amounts of documents, disco­vering anomalies and malver­sa­tions and ensuring relevant content. The infor­ma­tion in question can be hidden somewhere in hundreds of thousands of emails, documents, and PDF files. Reading all these amounts of documents is no longer possible for humans. ICI makes it possible to analyse large, complex documents in huge quan­ti­ties with the efficient help of computers.

ICI is more than an inves­ti­ga­tive data room for lawyers. ICI is a method approach developed by BIConcepts and is offered as a complete service package (hardware, software and service). ICI is suitable for any type of data evalua­tion with the requi­re­ment to evaluate content based on natural language infor­ma­tion and proces­sing it quickly and intel­li­gently with arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI).